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NEW HAVEN: High speed Internet access will be coming to select neighborhoods in New Haven, with the potential for expansion to other areas.

Gonetspeed based in Rochester, NY, has announced that it is provisioning fiber optic level Internet access to residents and businesses. The company is providing high speed services to a coverage area of approximately 100,000 potential customers in select communities in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

The company began signing up customers in Hartford in early summer and has said it will add other cities and neighborhoods based on potential customers signing up to show their interest. Currently in Connecticut, it offers fiber level high speed Internet access in neighborhoods in Bridgeport, West Hartford, Hartford and New Haven.

The company suggests it needs an approximate 15% penetration demand to add the service to a neighborhood or community, and requests potential customers to show their interest by signing up on its website,

Currently in nearly all of the cities and towns in Connecticut there are only two high speed services, the local cable company and Frontier. Neither Frontier nor the cable companies provide fiber optic service to residences, limited fiber optic service is available to businesses at a premium cost.

GoNetspeed says it has built 20 miles of fiber optic network in New Haven with the potential of serving 3,000 residential homes and small businesses.

In New Haven, according to third party websites, GoNetspeed is available in 35% of the 06511 area code.

Residential customers and small businesses will have access to Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit (Gbps) per second (both download and upload). Rates for residential service range from $50 per month for 100 Megabits per Second and $90 for one Gig speed.

“Having access to high-speed Internet service has become as critical a resource to residents as electricity,” said Larry Coleman, President at GoNetspeed.

Coleman added, “what differentiates GoNetspeed from other providers in New Haven is our ability to offer customers direct access to 100 percent fiber connectivity, without any extra fees or taxes, and with no contract required.”

Customers will have a $100 installation fee, but the company is waiving the fee in its introductory period. The company is also promising a “Lifetime Price Pledge,” that guarantees the same price for their Internet speeds for the entire time they remain a customer.

The company has hired Brian Quinn as its Director of Sales and Ken Lane as Market Operations Manager to lead its awareness and expansion activities in Connecticut.

GoNetspeed was founded by Frank Chiaino, who also formed Fibertech Networks, which built more than 14,000 miles of fiber networks across the Northeast - including more than 2,500 route miles in Connecticut. Fibertech was sold to Lightower Networks of Massachusetts which itself was acquired by Crown Castle, which has fiber networks in markets across the US.

GoNetspeed says it is now serving parts of 14 communities throughout Pennsylvania and Connecticut.