Are you an established small Connecticut technology company seeking interns? Then you may wish to consider Connecticut Innovations Inc.’s (CII) Technology Talent Bridge program, which makes grants of up to $25,000 available to help tech firms attract and hire the state’s top talent.



The Technology Talent Bridge Program is intended to develop stronger university-industry collaborations in Connecticut for the purpose of strengthening the state’s workforce and retaining talent in the state. Its mission is to provide experiential learning activities for university, college, and community college students (associate degree and above) currently enrolled in a degree program at a higher education institution or a Connecticut resident attending an out-of-state higher education institution through technology and innovation-based internships at existing small businesses that will lead to employment for the students.




There is a limit of one Talent Bridge project per company per 24-month period. The primary use of funds is to provide for student internship compensation, with a total funding maximum of $25,000 per project. A 50-percent match is required (25 percent in cash and 25 percent in kind).

Companies must have been in business for at least 12 months and registered as a business in Connecticut with the office of the Secretary of the State prior to submittal of a project plan and budget. For companies that have moved or set up operations in Connecticut within the last 12 months, evidence of prior registration in another state will be accepted.


Only junior, senior and master's level students who are currently attending a university or college are eligible to participate. Students attending community colleges must be pursuing an associate degree or professional certification. All students must be hired as W-2 employees. No 1099 relationships are allowed.


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