Frequency logoFARMINGTON: The US Defense Department [DOD] is providing a $2 million grant to Frequency Therapeutics, with a U.S. Department of Defense Hearing and Balance Research Award. The $2 million peer-reviewed grant will be used to investigate Frequency’s Progenitor Cell Activation, or PCA Regeneration approach to restore hearing that has been lost as a result of military service-related injuries.

Frequency says’ its “PCA Regeneration platform targets the root cause of disease through the local delivery of small molecules to induce the regeneration of hair cells and neuronal connections targeting hearing regeneration.”

“The DOD’s Hearing and Balance Research Award provides meaningful, peer-reviewed validation as we move toward Phase 2 clinical trials in hearing restoration later this year,” said David Lucchino, President, Co-founder and CEO of Frequency. “With this award, we have the potential to help thousands of men and women in uniform.”

The company says the grant will “Build on Frequency’s work in hearing restoration, this award will fund research to increase soldier’s effectiveness, reduce veteran’s disabilities and increase retention of experienced soldiers, who would otherwise be forced to retire.” Adding, “addressing hearing loss for our soldiers is of paramount importance.”