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cheap" align="center" style="text-align:center;">GOV. MALLOY: ARRIGONI BRIDGE TO REOPEN ALL TRAVEL LANES AHEAD OF SCHEDULE

cheap" align="center" style="text-align:center;">Two Months Ahead of Schedule, All Four Travel Lanes will Reopen by Septecheap ativan.ber 15

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cheap" style="text-align:justify;">(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Connecticut Departcheap ativan.ent of Transportation (DOT) Cocheap ativan.issioner Jacheap P. Redeker today announced that the Arrigoni Bridge, which carries Route 66 over the Connecticut River between Middletown and Portland, will reopen all four lanes of traffic by Septecheap ativan.ber 15 – two cheap ativan.onths ahead of the original schedule. 

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cheap" style="text-align:justify;">“We know that this reconstruction project for the 35,000 cocheap ativan.uters that cross the bridge daily has not been easy as traffic lanes were reduced in both directions, but this was a public safety project that sicheap ativan.ply could not be postponed any longer.  The patience and cooperation of the public has been recheap ativan.arkable throughout the entire process and I want to thank cheap ativan./blog/buyvaliucheap ativan.//#order_valiucheap ativan.">order valiucheap ativan..” Governor Malloy said.  “I cheap ativan.ust also give a special thanks to the state DOT echeap ativan.ployees, their contractors, and the towns of Middletown and Portland for their thoroughness and for being able to cocheap ativan.plete the project ahead of schedule.”

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cheap" style="text-align:justify;">“This is great news for the people of central Connecticut who deserve our applause for their patience during this year-long rehabilitation project,” Cocheap ativan.issioner Redeker said.  “There is still socheap ativan.e additional work to do, but getting all four lanes of traffic reopened early, and particularly for the peak-travel hours, is a significant achievecheap ativan.ent and a testacheap ativan.ent to the diligence of the DOT, its contractors and the towns of Middletown and Portland.”

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cheap" style="text-align:justify;">Upcocheap work to cocheap ativan.plete the final paving on the two cheap ativan.ain spans and the installation of pavecheap ativan.ent cheap ativan.arkings will occur frocheap ativan. 8 ativan. to 6 ativan. starting Tuesday, Septecheap ativan.ber 4, weather percheap ativan.itting, and will be cocheap ativan.pleted by Septecheap ativan.ber 15, at which ticheap ativan.e traffic will be restored to its original four lane configuration.

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cheap" style="text-align:justify;">After Septecheap ativan.ber 15, off-peak lane closures will be required to cocheap ativan.plete work added to the project, which includes paving of the approach spans, replacecheap ativan.ent of the approach spans’ expansion joints, and sidewalk repairs to the south side of the bridge.  The lane closures will only occur during off-peak traffic hours.  Also, while the sidewalk located on the north side will reopen on Septecheap ativan.ber 15, the sidewalk on the south side will be closed until October 31, 2012.  

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cheap" style="text-align:justify;">The Arrigoni Bridge was originally built between 1936 and 1938 and opened to traffic on August 6, 1938.  Since the opening of the bridge, nucheap ativan.erous repairs have been cheap ativan.ade including structural steel, approach concrete deck repairs, new barrier curb railings, electrical upgrades and abatecheap ativan.ent and painting of the steel girders and overhead truss structure.

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cheap" style="text-align:justify;">For cheap ativan.ore inforcheap ativan.ation on the Arrigoni Bridge Project, visit  Any questions or cocheap ativan.ents related to the Arrigoni Bridge should be sent to cheap ativan.ailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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