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CHC Offers New HIV/Hep C Program

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MIDDLETOWN — Community Health Center Inc. (CHC) has launched a click here evidence-based program known as CHC Project ECHO Hepatitis C/HIV. CHC is one of the first community health centers in the nation to replicate the ECHO model. Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a model developed by the University of New Mexico initially to extend hepatitis C care and management to the rural clinics.

The program uses video-conferencing, electronic health records, disease management and case-based learning to expand access to specialty care for underserved patients. The purpose is to provide specialist buy ambien and education to help primary-care teams manage cases that would otherwise be referred out to specialists.

“We are very excited to be offering this innovation at CHC which will allow us to offer specialized treatment to patients across the state, many of whom do not have access to such treatment otherwise. In many communities there are few specialists willing to accept patient without insurance or with state funded Medicaid insurance.” explained Marwan Haddad, MD, medical director of HIV, HCV and buprenorphine services.

Currently, CHC offers HIV and hepatitis C management and treatment as part of primary care at New Britain, Meriden and Middletown. Through CHC Project ECHO HIV/Hepatitis C care will now buy valium offered at additional sites across Connecticut including Bristol, Norwalk, Waterbury, Enfield, Clinton and New London via weekly video-conferencing sessions.

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