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ConnectiCare Launches New Plan for Employers

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FARMINGTON — Health insurer ConnectiCare is launching a new product in the state that it says will offer employers more flexibility and employees more choice when choosing a health plan.

The ConnectiCare BeneFIT insurance product valium online employers the ability to set their contribution levels while providing employees with a choice of health-plan options to meet their individual needs. The product is provided through an online portal that offers personalized shopping for employees, the company buy ambien.

The offering is designed for companies with 51 or more eligible employees and is now available for group coverage beginning January 1.

“The combination of flexible contributions for employers and a choice of ConnectiCare plans for employees addresses both employer and employee priorities,” said Michelle M. Zettergren, senior vice president and chief sales and marketing officer for ConnectiCare.

“Employers choose a contribution level that fits their budget and employees choose a plan to fit their needs,” added Zettergren. “Providing this product through the ConnectiCare BeneFIT online environment brings a whole new level of convenience and support to our customers.”

Highlights of the product include:

• Flexible contribution: Employers set their contribution level and select a suite of health plans to offer employees, covering medical, pharmacy, vision, and dental benefits.

• Choice of plans: Employees choose the health plan that best meets their needs through a personalized shopping experience.

• Ease of use: Websites for both employers and employees allow them to select BeneFIT options and manage items such as enrollment, invoice payment and payroll deductions, all online.