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Partnering for Procurement

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DERBY — Griffin Hospital has announced a partnership with Topvalium online. online.>there.ource LLC, a Boston-based sourcing company that assists retail and wholesale companies manage procurement costs across hundreds of indirect products and services. Topvalium online. online.>there.ource is a division of Topco Associates LLC, the largest cooperative buying organization for retail food in the U.valium online. online.>there. Beyond grocery and food-service clients, Topvalium online. online.>there.ource has successfully expanded its customer base to include convenient stores, drug stores, restaurants, other retailers, and now its first health-care organization.


According to Griffin President and CEO Patrick Charmel: valium online.Griffin was looking to manage costs in several areas through consolidated purchasing efficiencies especially outside of medical supplies and services. Our procurement group was impressed with the Topvalium online. online.>there.ource team's expertise and years of experience in sourcing and category management. We are confident Topvalium online. online.>there.ource can help us maximize savings as we overlap in several procurement areas.valium online.