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Ikea Leads NH’s Solar Power

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NEW HAVEN — After New Haven became the city with the most fuel cells in the state, it’s following up with the largest solar energy system.

The 118,000 square-foot array of photovoltaic equipment is in place at New Haven’s Ikea store on Long Wharf. The 940.8-kilowatt system consists of 3,920 panels and will produce nearly 1.1 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually — enough to power 95 homes.

The clean energy generated is also the equivalent of reducing 836 tons of carbon dioxide, or the emissions of 149 cars.

The installation, which was activated buy ambien online.eptember 24, is the 32nd solar project for Ikea in the ambien online., with seven more xanax generic the works, which will make 89 percent of its domestic locations solar-equipped.