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Rocketdyne Studies Emission Capture

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HARTFORD — The aerospace division of Pratt & Whitney received $1 million to further research into capturing greenhouse gases.

PW’s Rocketdyne division received the money from the federal Department of Energy (DOE) to evaluate measures to economically capture greenhouse gases emitted by coal-fired power plants. As part of the award, Rocketdyne and its partners will contribute an additional $267,000 to the project.

The methods involve using pressurized oxy-combustion generic valium a fluidized bed reactor. Oxy-fuel combustion produces heat to generate electricity by burning order adderall using pure oxygen. Using pressurized oxygen and recycled carbon dioxide for the combustion process eliminates nitrogen from exhaust, which helps in the capture of carbon dioxide.

buy ativan online no prescription Rocketdyne spokesperson said the goal is to capture more than 90 percent of carbon dioxide with no more than a 35-percent increase in electricity costs.

Following buy tramadol online study, the DOE will select participants for the second phase of the project.


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