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Frito-Lay Upgrades

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HARTFORD — The state will offer upwards of $4 million to the Frito-Lay company to expand its distribution and manufacturing facility in Killingly.

The snack giant’s 370,000-square-foot facility employs more than 600 people and services Northeast retailers as well as exports for overseas military. The state money will allow the company to invest in order xanax new warehouse distribution system for the facility. The money will come from the state’s Department of Economic & Community Development — up to $3 million will come from Urban and Industrial Sites Reinvestment Tax Credits, and up to $1 million from Connecticut Innovations Inc.’s Sales & Use Tax Exemptions.

The company plans to invest $38 million for technological upgrades to its material handling and delivery functions. The Killingly plant was given a $66 million expansion of more tramadol generic 70,000 square feet and new equipment in 2010.

The plant became the state’s first existing manufacturing plant to earn LEED Gold status in 2011 for its green design and water and energy conservation features.


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