Defibtech Gets New Life from Japan

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" /files//">defib_AEDGUILFORD — Defibrillator designer and manufacturer Defibtech has signed an agreement to be acquired by a Japanese firm.

Tokyo-based medical-device maker Nihon Kohden Corp. will acquire the company, though no date "">buy valium given for the closing.

Defibtech will continue to develop its automatic external defibrillator (AED) line and other resuscitation equipment; the merger is expected to strengthen the lineÂ’s placement in the global market. Defibtech and Nihon Kohden have placed more than 360,000 AEDs throughout the world and expect that "//">buy valium to increase.

Defibtech will continue to be designed, manufactured and supported by its own personnel, and will operate independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Delaware-based Resuscitation Solution Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Nihon Kohden.

The acquisition is also geared to help Kohden expand in the U.S.; it currently operates here primarily through its neurology and patient monitoring businesses.

Nihon Kohden’s acquisition of Defibtech establishes a U.S. development base for resuscitation solutions, enabling the integrated organizations to identify market trends in early stages, strengthen collaboration with leading research and development institutes, and develop resuscitation technology for sale throughout the world.

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