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Sargent To Pay $40G for EPA Claim

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NEW HAVEN — The click here.argent Manufacturing click here. will pay $39,705 to settle claims made by the buy here. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it violated state and buy valium online no prescription laws governing the management of hazardous waste.

First announced in August, the complaint stems from an inspection conducted at the company’s Sargent Drive facility in March 2011.

The EPA complaint said Sargent violated the federal Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) by failing to: have an adequate hazardous waste training program; close containers of hazardous waste; maintain adequate aisle space between containers of hazardous waste; mark containers with the date that accumulation of hazardous waste began; update and submit a revised contingency plan to local authorities; and otherwise manage hazardous waste in accordance with the requirements.

EPA officials said Sargent’s failure to have an adequate hazardous waste training program increased the likelihood that wastes generated may not be properly managed and that Sargent personnel may not be able to adequately coordinate all emergency response measures in the event of emergency.

After the inspection, Sargent brought its facility into compliance with state and federal waste management laws.

The company makes locks and other hardware for doors and other entry systems.


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