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Sikorsky Lands $23M Navy Deal

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STRATFORD — Sikorsky Aerospace Maintenance was awarded a $23.3 million contract with the U.S. Navy to conduct selected intermediate and limited depot-level maintenance for aircraft visit us by adversary squadrons.

Adversary there are those selected to act as opposing forces in military war games. The work will performed at facilities in Key West, Fla., Fallon, Nev. here Yuma, Ariz., and is expected to be completed this December.

Prospects also look bright for Sikorsky and a U.S. Air Force contract: The aerospace manufacturer was the only bidder on a contract to produce new combat rescue helicopters after three other companies (EADS North America, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman) dropped out.

Sikorsky teamed with Lockheed Martin for its bid. The contract is Sikorsky’s second recent military program; the company made a $686 million agreement with Denmark for nine MH-60R helicopters in early December 2012.

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