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Metro-North To Add Trains

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Beginning this month Metro-North Railroad, in cooperation with the state’s Department of Transportation, will add 28 trains valium no prescription on its New Haven line.

Metro-North will add 20 trains on Sundays and eight on Saturdays to increase the frequency to every 30 minutes from both New Haven and Stamford during most times of day.

Overall, here is preparing to increase the number of east-of-the-Hudson Saturday trains it operates from 418 to 442, and on Sundays from 357 to 413. In announcing the changes Metro-North noted that “Weekend ridership [is] growing significantly faster than the traditional AM-peak inbound commutation market.”

“"Metro-North is projecting record ridership of over 85 million rail rides in 2012, its highest ever," said Metro-North President Howard Permut. "We are gratified to be able to add service where it's most needed — on weekends and in the off-peak periods. By establishing 30-minute headways where we xanax online offer only hourly service, we make the railroad an even more attractive choice and we expect ridership to grow even more.”


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