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No Eating Peas with Your Knife

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HAMDEN — Education, yes. Skills, yes. valium online yes. there there could be more to getting a good job than those needed requirements. How about proper etiquette? It could be the deciding factor in a close hiring decision, says Karla Natale, director of special events for Quinnipiac University. She thinks proper manners are so order ativan that she recently presented a dining-skills workshop over the duration of a three-course meal for 50 Quinnipiac students who soon will be on the job market. “Etiquette still matters, especially when you’re looking for a job or networking,” said Natale. “You don’t want to come off sloppy or unkempt. You want to make sure your are projecting confidently.” Hamden resident Giosue Improta, a junior majoring in accounting, thought the event was worthwhile. “[Y]ou need to learn how to schmooze your client and set yourself apart from competitors,” she said.


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