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555 Long Wharf Drive, Suite 14, New Haven


Lynn Fusco, CEO

167 employees


LEEDing the Way in Construction

Green mission: ‘We are committed to environmental excellence. Each of our projects, whether a ""> hall, a sports facility or a hospital, has the potential to affect people, animals, plants and the land. Our goal always is to protect the "http:////#there">there during a project and to build safeguards that will keep protecting it long after the project is complete.’


“Fusco Corporation is a private, family-owned corporation headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut for the last 88 years, " /files/">here. says Nora Rizzo, LEED AP BD+C, CSM, Fusco’s sustainability coordinator. “Founded "">click here 1924, our headquarters maintains professional service capabilities in-house, including planning, estimating, MEP engineering, procurement, legal contracts, LEED, project management and full field personnel. " /files/">here. " ">fusco_Lw

Rizzo notes that all of Fusco’s project managers are LEED-trained and many are currently working on sustainable projects. “We plan and act for the future, for the long-term good of our customers, our world and our company,” says Rizzo. “We understand our responsibility to our environment and we are dedicated to practices that lead to a healthy and sustainable future.”

Rizzo added that Fusco’s office building at the Long Wharf Maritime Center has been Energy Star-certified since 2009 and currently has a rating of 83. Fusco’s two most recently certified LEED projects were required by contract to be LEED silver at a minimum. Recognizing the benefits of a more sustainable building, Fusco was able to achieve LEED gold certification for both projects. Fusco is a sponsor of the U.S. Green Building Council and will be an exhibitor at its annual GreenBuild Conference in November.

“Fusco Corp. constructed our regional training institute in Camp Niantic, which replaced 25 World War II-era wooden buildings,” says Col. Gerald Lukowski of the Connecticut Army National Guard. “The total construction cost was about $30 million and we are nearly complete with obtaining a LEED gold certification on the project. The project meetings were mutually rewarding. The Fusco team was great to work with.”

Rizzo says the company is currently constructing several high-performance and LEED buildings and received LEED Gold Certification for 55 Park Street in New Haven, a new clinical laboratory for Yale-New Haven Hospital. The project also was recognized in 2011 with a Merit Award by the Connecticut Green Building Council (CTGBC).

“Basically, we had a goal when we designed the Park Street building to achieve LEED silver certification,” says Maurice C. Cohen, AIA, YNHH’s senior project manager of facilities design and construction. “We hired LEED consultants to work with the design team and Fusco to see how best to achieve that certification and we subsequently exceeded our expectation by getting awarded gold status from LEED. Fusco worked very well with the design team in accomplishing not only the material selection to complete this but also the mechanical systems design. The whole construction process, including the disposal of materials, was all part of our green program.”

According to CTGBC, the 150,000-square-foot building is constructed around a large, five-story atrium that provides transitional space between the hospital, adjacent 2,000-car garage, clinical laboratories and public areas. A high-performance polychrome façade design for the atrium uses translucent insulating panels to decrease the building's heat gains and losses and minimize peak heating and cooling demand on the mechanical systems, one of the first facilities in the country to employ this technique.

“The atrium uses a lot of recycled wood fir flooring, part of an older building that was demolished,” adds Cohen. “They recycled the wood and refinished it and used it in the atrium. If you walk on the open stairway in the atrium, you can actually see where the nails used to be after they pulled them out during recycling. This helped us a lot with LEED-related use of older and recycled materials.”

Day lighting is balanced between natural and electric light to achieve efficiency and comfort. The lighting design for the base building is integrated with this daylight strategy, significantly reducing energy loads associated with lighting. High-efficiency fluorescent and LED lighting and occupancy sensing controls throughout the building reduce lighting power density below minimum requirements. The project team designed a comprehensive mechanical system which is more efficient than typical hospital administration buildings. Variable-speed drives on the chillers, fans and pumps, water-side economizer, air-side heat recovery and premium efficiency motors reduce the energy required to remove the large heat loads.

“Fusco strives to deliver high performing buildings, ones that promote resource conservation as well as enhance the community,” says Lynn Fusco, CEO of Fusco Corp. “Sustainable construction is a key initiative at Fusco and we are proud to be recognized as leaders in our industry.”


—  Thomas R. Violante



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