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Axiom’s ‘Mentor’ Gets A Go-Ahead

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SHELTON — The teachers grade the students, but who will grade the teachers?

Axiom Education is developing Mentor, a Web-based course and learning-assessment platform designed to help educational institutions from kindergarten through college measure learning outcomes.

The program recently received $150,000 in generic valium from Connecticut Innovations Inc. (CII) for further order tramadol development and marketing.

Mentor is also designed to assist visit us student course evaluations, grants and general surveys. It was developed by Fairfield University professor Curt Naser, who is also Axiom’s founder and chief product officer. The platform is currently being used at the university, as well as at Loyola Marymount, and Elon universities, the University of San Francisco and the Easton Country Day School.

Axiom’s CII investment was awarded through the latter’s Pre-Seed Fund, which supports the development of new Connecticut technology companies.




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