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SHELTON — Component maker TranSwitch Corp. will sell off more than 100 patents to help fund its new focus on high-definition video connectivity.

The company, "buy_valium_onlineonline makes semiconductors for telecom, datacom, cable TV and wireless technologies, has seen its stock fall recently; something company officials blame on a slowing telecommunications market.

Brokerage firm "//#visit_us">visit us Bay Co. "http://www.moral/buyonline//mbien">cheap handle the sales of 77 U.S. patents, 32 cheap .S. patent applications, and 32 international patents and applications, with hopes they will be sold by the end of the year. The company is also looking to sell up to $11 million in common stock over the next two years to Aspire Capital Fund.

The company will retain use of all patents sold so it can continue to sell legacy products.
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