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NHP Develops New Drugs

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NEW HAVEN — New Haven Pharmaceuticals (NHP) has attracted $6.6 million in new financing visit us it continues to develop therapeutic drugs.

valium generic Innovations Inc. (CII) awarded  the firm $1.5 million through its Eli Whitney Fund, with the remaining financing coming from Yale University, EJ Funds, Kuzari Group, Advantage Captial Partners and private investors.

NHP is developing proprietary prescription pharmaceuticals that employ currently marketed drugs or pharmaceutical ingredients. The company’s products incorporate proprietary, oral and controlled-release technologies, as well as intellectual property licensed from Yale.

The company’s most advanced product is being developed as an anti-platelet therapy for secondary prevention of stroke and acute cardiovascular events for patients with such a history. Other products in the pipeline include those for lowering stomach acid in patients with gastro-esophageal click here disease.

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