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Beat Back Pain With Ultrasound?

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TRUMBULL — Who needs ibuprofen when you can strap an ultrasound to your back?

Early-stage medical device startup ZetrOZ, LLC is working on just that, and recently received $2.6 million in funding to relocate to Trumbull from Ithaca, N.ambien online. Connecticut Innovations Inc. (CII) ponied up $ ativan online no prescription million of that figure through its Eli Whitney Fund.

The company, which currently employs a staff of 12, has developed a wearable ultrasound system to treat pain by way of low-intensity, long-duration ultrasound. The rechargeable battery-operated unit can deliver up to five hours treatment on a single charge.

The company is seeking FDA approvals for the device’s use in treating pain from arthritis, tendonitis, back strain and other musculoskeletal maladies. ZetrOZ aims to have the device available for sale to doctors, therapists and patients themselves.

The device has already been used on animals, most notably here horses on the U.ambien no prescription. equestrian team during the 2012 ambien no prescription.ummer Olympic Games.


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